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Buying wedding presents is always tricky, but there’s a lot to consider when asking for gifts too. I recently spoke to the wonderful Denby Pottery who had some great tips to share with you, so have written us a blog to share with you all. In this guide, Hayley Baddiley from Denby shares her tips for putting together your wedding gift list.

After the challenges of the last couple of years, we’ve reached a more settled time where we can start looking to the future. That’s why the wedding industry is booming right now, and if you’re one of the happy couples planning your big day, you no doubt want to make it one to remember. From grandiose galas to intimate gatherings, it’s never been more important to put on a fabulous event, bringing friends and family together to enjoy your union.

However, one aspect of tying the knot you might not have considered is the gifts you’ll receive from your wedding guests. Every wedding is different, and even if you’re only inviting your nearest and dearest to your big day, it can be quite tricky and even stressful for them to work out what to buy you as a present. Whilst many couples now ask for money towards a honeymoon, your guests may prefer to give a more tangible present.

Fortunately, there are a few ways you can make this process smoother for them — while ensuring you get the gifts you want!


Put together a gift list

One of the trickiest parts of picking a wedding present is knowing what kind of gift to buy— as well as knowing how much to spend. This can be addressed by registering for gifts through your favourite shop or website.

Opting for a gift list (also known as a wish list or registry) takes the guesswork out of gifting for your wedding guests, which means that when they pick a present, they’ll know it will be something you really want or need. It also gives an indication of price point and even some ideas for people who may be unsure what a suitable wedding gift might be, so they’re quite a helpful option for all parties involved.

Plus, sitting down with your partner and selecting items for your gift list together can be a very fun and exciting task!


Choose gifts that will last a lifetime

When putting together your gift list or deciding what to ask for, it’s important that you focus on gifts that you can cherish for a long time to come. Homeware is a very popular option, because it’s an item that you can see and use every day and remember your wedding by. Alternatively, you may prefer to receive a present that that you can bring out on special occasions, such as a vase or a pair of his-and-hers champagne flutes.

Whatever pieces you choose to include on your gift list, make sure they’re from trusted and high-quality manufacturers so they will stay in great condition for years to come. Often, with furniture and homeware, hand-made pieces are ideal for this.


Ask for what you really want

Of course, not everyone will want to be given gifts at their wedding. If you already share a home and have everything you need, you might prefer to receive contributions towards a larger and more expensive gift, or some spending money for your honeymoon. So, you might be wondering how to politely ask guests for cash. The best approach is to be honest and upfront, even including this information on the wedding invitation along with your dress code and menu options.

It may feel strange asking for money, but most people will appreciate the direction and will have no problem going along with your wishes. And, you can always stress that it is optional if people want to bring a gift anyway.


Send a thank you note

With everything else that’s going on in the run-up and aftermath of your wedding day, you may forget about your gifts until you get back from your honeymoon, or neglect to even open them once the wedding rush is over. Still, it’s important to give them the attention they deserve and think of unique ways to thank your guests for their generosity, even if it is just a note in the post to say thank you.

Some newlyweds like to include small gifts of their own in an accompanying package, such as an ornament or small edible treat. If you can spare the time, a hand-written note is best — this gives your ‘thank you’ a more personal touch, and you can communicate your gratitude in the best way for your guests.


Whether you’re looking forward to unwrapping presents at your wedding or hoping for cash instead, the tips in this guide can help you work out how to communicate this to your guests. Gift lists are a great way to make sure everyone knows where they stand, and you can give your guests some guidance on your wedding invitation when it comes to picking the perfect present.

Visit to find your perfect wedding gift, or for gifts to start adding to your list!

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