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Central London, one of the great locations of the UK, and extremely popular each year for you to tie the knot! The beauty of Central London for your Wedding day location is that regardless of the venue, you can still get out and about to some fantastic locations for the perfect couple shots! And even if you are opting for an escape to the country Wedding, there is still the engagement shoot that you can make the most of, have the two shoots contrasting. So many couples think they should have their engagement shoot at their venue or where they got married, but actually, have somewhere completely different to your Wedding day location means you can make the most of both worlds!

If you have decided on London for your Wedding day location (Need a venue for your Central London Wedding? You can find our 6 top venues list here!) or if you are thinking or a day there for your engagement shoot, we have 23 spots within Central London where you can get some really great images, with examples from some incredible photographers! (There are in no particular order as they are all just as great!)

Wellington Arch

Originally built as the entrance to Buckingham Palace, this beautiful arch will make a stunning image of the two of you. Arches are also perfect to frame you within an image, whether it’s a close up shot or from a distance to capture the incredible structure of the four horses. The arch is located close by to Hyde Park, so perfect if you would like a mixture of classic Central London architecture and park, outdoor shots.

wedding couple in London photo shoot

Tower of London/Tower Bridge

The Tower of London, holding so much history of the city, including the crown jewels! You can also actually get married here! Or if you are across the Thames, you can catch a boat across to the Tower of London, and get a shot of the iconic bridge in the background, a perfect mix of two famous landmarks!

bride and groom at tower bridge
bride and groom walking towards tower bridge

Big Ben

Another classic London building, you don’t even need to say that you are in London when you have big ben in the background! Such a beautiful building too!

engaged couple in London

Hyde Park

Want the Central London Wedding or shoot but also want the feel of the outdoors, or a country feel to some of your images? Pop on over to the park! You can get some amazing images, and it is smack bang in the centre, so not too fa to travel to!

engaged couple in London photo shoot

London Eye

Don’t you just think the eye holds so many romantic possibilities? Full of people excited to see the city from up high, proposals happening on a daily, it just can’t be missed! Can either be captured up close, or across the Thames on Victoria Embankment. The beauty of Central London is you can sometimes get these iconic landmarks in the background without actually being in the area.

engaged couple at London eye

London Red Bus

Can you even get a more London inspired shot than one which includes a red bus?! There are plenty of them around in London so shouldn’t be hard to find, but your photographer will need to be quick! You don’t even need to say you are in London if you have a big red bus in the background…

wedding couple in central london

London Red Telephone Box

Of course, the iconic red telephone box, how could you miss this one?! Where you can find a pair (one each!) or a single phone box, make the most of it, as you don’t see many working ones outside of London these days!

couple at London telephone boxes

Trafalgar Square

The fountain, the statues, the iconic lion, the beautiful concrete architecture, you can get a whole album of beautiful shots just in this one location! It is also located in central London, so easy to access from your venue. Surrounded by museums and galleries, Trafalgar Square is right in the heart of London culture.

wedding couple Trafalgar Square


engaged couple looking over River Thames

Victoria Embankment

We strongly recommend to get a shot across the Thames with Westminster in the background, capturing Houses of Parliament, Big Ben and The Thames all in one, which can be captured along Victoria Embankment! You can also see the London Eye and so many other iconic Central London monuments and buildings. You can even just get some great shots of you walking along together!

Victoria Embankment sign

St Pauls Cathedral

Standing at the highest point in the city for the last 1400 years, this impressive cathedral is a masterpiece designed by the famous Christopher Wren after the previous building was destroyed in the Great London Fire. The dome makes is such a recognisable London landmark and dominates the skyline. Is an extremely important landmark in London and will look truly impressive in your shots.

engaged couple photo shoot at St Pauls Cathedral, Central London

Greenwich Park

One of the royal parks on London, located over in Greenwich, perfect if your venue is in the South East area of London and you are looking for outdoor shots in a green space. With beautiful monuments and statues within the gardens and landscapes, there are plenty of photo opportunities for you! You could even have your whole shoot here!

Wedding photo shoot in central London


A borough close to Central London which has gone through a huge regeneration project in the last few years and can get your those quirky, out of London, shots. The area has a reputation for being slightly hipster and alternative, with street art and local markets featuring homemade produce. If this is more ‘you’, and you want to avoid the majorly popular attractions, then Hackney is the perfect location!

Wedding couple in Hackney, Central London

Carnaby Street

Home of the Mods and Punks, Carnaby Street is located in London’s West End, a famous shopping street, which became ever so popular in the 60s for it’s hip fashion and music, with appearances from The Who and The Rolling Stones. The street is also pedestrianised, so you haven’t got to worry about cars getting in the way of your shots!

couple under Carnaby street sign

John Adams Street (RSA)

Just a short walk from Embankment and Strand, this street is perfect for some close ups of the two of you, with backdrop of buildings with spectacular architecture, including RSA House which an events venue, available for Wedding celebrations. Whether your Central London Wedding is located here or if you just want to get a few shots, this street is a great, quieter spot, away from the main roads of London to get some romantic couple shots with a great backdrop.

couple just married in central London

Royal Exchange

I think the image here just says it all! If you want romance and powerful images, this is the place to be! Known as one of the most grand buildings in Central London, you will feel this in your wedding shots. With many uses over the last 450 years, today the building is admired by tourists and locals and is also a hub for luxury shopping and dining.

engaged couple in London photo shoot

The River Thames

How can you come to London and not get a shot with The Thames in the background, or even ON The Thames! You won’t have to worry about tourists being in the background here. You could add a private boat cruise for the two of you on the day of your Central London Wedding, even just for half an hour to get some real YOU time.

engaged couple on river thames

Shad Thames

Located next to Tower Bridge, Shad Thames is a small historic street, perfect to get away from the hustle and bustle of London and also known as one of the most photogenic streets, framed by cool buildings and these walkways which just make the picture! The area is famous for it’s warehouses, and the walkways were used to transport goods such as coffee and sugar from building to building. The area has now been developed into apartments, shops and restaurants but still holds so much history.

couple walking in central london

Oxford Street/Oxford Circus

Another iconic shopping spot, a great place to get that all important red bus in, and also the sign for the underground station. If you want to capture the business and the real life scenes of London, this is a great spot – the crossroads of Regent Street and Oxford Street. Both famous streets in Central London, perfect for your wedding photos, and of course are present on the Monopoly board! So if you both love a bit of Monopoly playing, this could be a great shot for you.

photo of couple in central london

The Mall

The road leading to what has to be the most important landmark in London – Buckingham Palace. Lined with trees and with just a feeling of grandeur and importance, this is a great spot. With St James’ Park and running alongside, you can also get some great park shots, and of course, the all important Victoria Memorial.

bride and groom in central london on wedding day

Tube Station

Of course, the London tube, the classic mode of transport, but also a great spot to get a shot under the sign of your favourite station. Maybe you met on your work commute? Or rode the tube when you visited on your first trip together? There are some great stations to visit, so if you are using the tube anyway to get from location to location during your shoot, why not get a shot while you are there! Probably more advisable to get a Central London taxi in a Wedding dress (!) but great for an engagement shoot.

couple at central london underground station

Battersea Park Fountains

A landmark you just wouldn’t even expect in London! It looks so green and almost like you are in a spot abroad! The fountains are timed every hour, so make sure you keep an eye on the clock before you arrive so you don’t have to wait around. Surrounded by park land, you can also get some more shots in the area, so make sure to plan before you go.

couple in central london

Bank of England

The central bank of the UK, a visit to a bank is seen as very day to day and almost dull, but when you visit this one….wow! It is such a remarkable building, perfect for the background of your shots. Located in the financial district, the building dates back to the 1700s.

couple at bank of england

We love Central London weddings and love that you do too! Whether it’s your Wedding location or you just fancy a shoot here for your engagement photos, we would love to see them! Get in touch here and let’s chat through your Central London Wedding plans! Need a venue for your London Wedding? You can find our 6 top venues list here!

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