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Hannah Rose

I always wanted to be a singer! I’ve been in musical theatre my whole life & started my career in entertainment, working at a big holiday camp’s flagship park.

They were such good times! Being around people when they were building memories together, laughing & dancing & having so much fun.

I realise I loved working in hospitality. But I’ve always been massively career focused & I wanted to be able to spend time at the spa with my friends, rather than being away from home all the time.

So I studied for an Events Management Degree & before I even graduated, landed my first Wedding Planner role at a boutique hotel.

Luckily, I thrive on massive challenges – because I was thrown in at the deep end, running 100+ weddings a year! But it was where I really cut my teeth & learned literally everything about what hospitality really is; what people want & how to look after each couple on their big day.

Over the 15 years since then, I’ve managed over 500 weddings throughout the UK, as well as running corporate events for companies including Aston Martin & Jaguar Land Rover (and managing large corporate event teams).

The couples I now work with want their wedding to be amazing. Putting on a show is in my blood – I LOVE the whole production of running big weddings, the kind people say it’s the best wedding they’ve ever been to!

Micro weddings; understated weddings; daisies in jars; anything with wood…SO not my thing!

Most of my work is now in high-end hotels in London. I’m here to help you love every moment of planning your wedding – because it SHOULD feel exciting, rather than stressful!

So if you don’t know where to start or you don’t have time to endlessly search for suppliers, I’ll be your new best friend to help you bring your vision for your wedding to life.

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I’m a city girl. New York is my favourite place in the world (although I do love a dramatic mountain – it’s got to be dramatic, though!)

I love cats! I love that they just do what they want to do – my cat Mitzee is like my baby.

I squat a lot. Working out is a BIG thing for me.

I moved across the country to be with my partner, after a night of too many cocktails – we’ve now been together for 8 years & still going strong!

People often stop me in the street to tell me they love my hair colour. I’m so pale & convinced I should have been a natural red head anyway!