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As a wedding planner, I see the seasons change in popularity over the years, but regardless of trends, it is always generally busier for wedding dates to be held in May-September, although there is still a call for winter wedding planning for dates in November – February, and why not?! It’s a beautiful time of year! A regular discussion I have with couples who are looking for a winter wedding is what flowers will be available? So I have teamed up with four incredible florists to answer that exact question for you!

Today we have:

Ellice from Willow and Blossom

Aimee from Clapham Flowers

Hayley from Bloomfields

Kellie from Twisted Tulip Designs

Which flowers are available in winter?

Concerns are normally around if they will still be able to have beautiful flower displays out of the summer season. Ellice confirms there are still so many flower options available for winter weddings. “The British flower season tends to have ended by this point but there are lots of other flowers that florists can source for you. Some popular ones are anemones, ranunculus, brunia, viburnum.”

Ellice of Willow and Blossom, also says that lots of couples will be happy to know that roses are available all year round so can still be used in winter weddings. Hayley from Bloomfields also backs this up by saying “Roses are of course very popular throughout the year but what people don’t always realise is that red and white roses are so popular this time of year that the cost does go up, white avalanche are beautiful, and I recommend a sweet avalanche if you are looking for a pink palette.”

Aimee from Clapham flowers also recommends ilex (holly), hellebores, amaryllis, pussy willow, spruce, skimmia and thistle as flowers available for winter flower installations.

Kellie from Twisted Tulip Designs says “Although not always obvious, winter flowers can provide just as rich a pallet as any other season. Stunning hellebores, delicate Ranunculi and showstopping anemone are among the seasonal selection.”

Another vote for ranunculus from Hayley – “they are big and blousy flowers with papery petals, and they come in beautiful colours, burgundy and reds this time of year but also white, anemones which have lovely thin petals with a dark navy centre, they come in all sorts of colours.”

Aimee and Hayley both recommend an amaryllis as a very popular statement flower if you want a luxury feel.

Hayley suggests anything with berries, such as holly which Aimee also mentioned, brassicas, which are ornamental cabbages and are another popular choice. Hydrangeas and orchids are also beautiful for winter.

Image 1: Ranunculus, Image 2: Anemone, Image 3: Anemone

What is your favourite flower/foliage to use for a winter wedding?

Ellice loves using Anemones in winter weddings, “they are a unique flower and come in a lot of different colour options. I particularly love the White variety with the black centres. Mix these with Eucalyptus and other silver grey toned foliages like Dusty Miller and you get a really nice wintery look!”

Aimee from Clapham flowers says that her favourites to use are hellebores and asparagus fern.

Kellie loves that there are so many colour combinations to choose from, “you could go for the more tradition green and red, rich jewel-toned colours or deep burgundy and peach to name a few. I love them all, but I do have a soft spot for a bouquet of white and silvery blue hues: large-headed white Ecuadorian roses, Eryngium (thistle), white Anemone with navy centres and Brunia sitting among silvery Eucalyptus and Senecio. There’s something very Narnia about it!”

Hayley says not to overlook a carnation, people aren’t always keen, but “these days they come in such amazing colours, like the moonlight ones which come in a lilac, antique toned ones. In with a selection of other flowers, they work really well although they aren’t to everyone’s taste!”

Helabores, known as the Christmas rose are perfect for winter and ave been mentioned previously so must be a popular one! Hayley is a fan! “They are beautiful and really popular for a more boho look” Also the wax flower! “wax flower is gypsophila more luxury cousin! I try and use this more often than gypsophila now as wax just gives that more luxury feel”

“My favourite flowers to use for a winter wedding has to be anemones, I just think a white anemone in a bouquet, once it’s open is just beautiful; those and hellibores are just lush, they are really winter flowers and not available throughout the rest of the year”

Image 1: Brunia, Image 2: Viburnum, Image 3: Amaryllis

What flowers are most popular for winter weddings?

Ellice says “the majority of my winter weddings tend to opt for lots of mixed foliage’s and white/neutral toned blooms. Eucalyptus is a popular foliage all year round but looks great when teamed up with different ferns & berries.”

Aimee from Clapham flowers says her couples tend to ask for “white roses , hellebores, fern, wax flower for a winter wedding” so another vote here for hellebores and wax flowers!

Roses remain a firm favourite for winter weddings for Kellie! “As does Lisianthus, which are both available all year round. The wide range of garden roses with an abundance of petals, gorgeous standard roses and fabulous selections of spray roses mean that even an all rose bouquet can be so very far from boring.”

Hayley says “a lot of people tend to go for burgundy, blush and cream.” She tends to find that couples will either go all out traditional Christmas, with holly pines and berries or keep to a more wintery theme of all whites and green – “think lots of eucalyptus!”

Image 1: Hellebore, Image 2: Carnation, Image 3: Wax Flower

Top tip for couples planning a winter wedding (flower/decor related) :

Ellice recommends not to feel like you have to go for a typically winter/Christmas type of colour scheme like whites or reds. “You can make all sorts of colour schemes have a wintery feel by adding different textures and foliages.”

Aimee’s top tip for all you lovely Christmas couples is to Indulge in some glitter! Why not hey! It is the festive season! I completely agree, especially looking at my current choice of Christmas nails!

Kellie says to think about adding rich textures and elements to your flower choices to provide heaps of interest in your winter bouquets, ceremony and reception flowers. “Consider adding pine cones or twigs if you want to add a bit of tradition. Alternatively, you could go for thistle, heathers, berried foliage like Myrtle or perhaps some snowberries or sumptuous hanging Amaranthus.” Kellie says that whatever you decide, the winter provides the perfect season to think outside the box for your flowers and experiment with combinations.

“I have noticed this year that lilac and white seems to be really popular for December which is different, but I love it!” Hayley says to either go for something classic winter/traditional Christmas, or don’t be afraid to go for something completely different like the lilac.”

Image 1: Dusty Miller, Image 2: Lisianthus, Image 3: Rose (Sweet Avalanche)

Ok so now you know that there is a whole array of winter flowers for you to have, let’s get planning that winter wedding! Contact me here to chat further.

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