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Newly engaged but feeling the wedding planning overwhelm?! Congratulations! It really is an amazing time to get engaged, with the Christmas lights, festive feels and emotions running high! The end of 2020 was a particularly great time to get engaged as it just added joy and positivity to the end of a not so great year for many people across the world.

So, you’re just engaged, and of course you want to get cracking with your planning, who wouldn’t?! We see it all the time where couples celebrate their engagement, start looking at Wedding ideas, then bam….overwhelm kicks in! We have 7 tips for you today to read before you even start planning to help avoid this! Before we start, you can also book a one off 1-1 session with me, more information here, for assistance or a complimentary consultation to discuss our full planning can be booked here so you definitely won’t be feeling overwhelmed!

1. Have an initial conversation about your day together

Sit down with your partner, close your eyes and visualise your day, what are you wearing? What is the setting like? Who is there? Big? Small? Informal? Formal? Imagine you are there, this will help decide what it is you actually want. Have a full discussion together, this will give you clarity before you start searching as there is so much inspiration out there, it may make you feel overwhelmed, for instance, no point looking at 3 course meals when you can visualise having street food or looking at barn venues when you are visualising yourself in a city centre hotel style venue. Put a moodboard together to show the theme and style for your day so you can focus on that and that style only.

2. The bridal party

Who do you want to be involved? Who will support you? Who will be there when you are stuck on a decision? Deciding on your bridesmaids, best man, ushers etc is important. You want people who will be by your sode, helping you to achieve the day YOU want and not causing you more stress. Don’t ever choose people you think you ‘should’ have due to family politics etc or this will cause you stress in the long run.


3. Keep organised in however works for you

Set up a wedding email so all correspondence is in one place, get a diary/planner/to do pad or set up an excel sheet on google drive, set up a group chat on WhatsApp, – whatever works best for you!

4. Venue/Supplier searching

Decide how you are going to search for venues/suppliers, a specific directory? Magazines? Weddings fayres? Pinterest? Google search? Venue finder? Using too many can cause wedding planning overwhelm.

5. If you need help, get help

Speak to a wedding planner for unbiased, professional advice if you are struggling and need an outsiders point of view. Never be afraid to ask for help, if you are unsure, if you can’t make a decision on something, if you feel swamped with no time to do things, this is when you can also take advantage of parents and the support system of your bridal party that you initial chose.

6. Take time out of planning

This may sound crazy now as you are probably to excited to kick start your planning, but trust me, you will thank us in the long run for this one! Either make time to commit to your Wedding planning or at a day where you don’t talk about wedding planning and completely try to take your mind away from it. This will then give you some time out when it is making you feel stressed or overwhelmed, so you don’t feel like it is taking over your life completely.

7. Remember your day is YOUR day, the whole planning process is part of that memory – don’t let it be a stressful one


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