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It is the season to be jolly! Also, one of the most popular seasons for engagements! With love in the air, it is the perfect time, and after such a crazy year, with so many couples cooped up together, realising they wouldn’t want to be without each other, we are expecting this year to be no exception! How to round off 2020 positively? Proposing would definitely be the perfect finish! So whether you are looking to propose at Christmas, or New Year, we have 7 tips for you to make sure your proposal runs smoothly!


1. Ask permission!

This doesn’t necessarily mean you need to ask their father, or even ask permission, but think of somebody that your partner looks up to, respects, and see’s as a role model. This could be a parent, sibling or grand parent. Make them aware of your intentions, this will go a long way to melting your partners heart! It can be a nerve wracking conversation but will mean so much to your partner. You may even get them involved in helping choose the ring. On the other hand, be careful how many people you are telling, you don’t want word to get out, so make sure you are telling great secret keepers! You also don’t want every man and his dog to know before your partner, I know, it can be really exciting and easy to blurt out! Think about whether they would like this or not.

2. Private or Public?

Always have your partner in mind when planning your proposal, would they like a public engagement, or have they cringed when watching these in a film or seeing a public proposal in real life? Maybe they are the kind of person who would love this! Perhaps a private proposal wouldn’t be for them, you know your partner best, so think about what they would prefer before making the decision. Also think about what situation you would be comfortable in, you need to be able to say everything you want to say and don’t want the environment to hinder this for you.

3. Location


Location, location, location – really important! Choose somewhere which means something to both of you, whether it’s the restaurant from your first date, the first time you told them you love them, your first holiday destination, at a seaside town on a beach or in the comfort of your own home with your loving family and pets! You will never forget the location of your proposal, so think it through.

4. Catch the moment


Think of a situation where you can record the moment, it could be that you are setting your phone up for a selfie of the two of you, if it is in public, maybe ask somebody to take a photo for you and slyly let them in on the secret. Have a message on the screen of your phone saying FYI I am now proposing, then get the camera app up. You can even hire a photographer to secretly capture the moment for you.

5. It’s not all about the ring


Of course, this is a big part! So many people who are about to propose put all of their efforts into choosing a ring, which symbolises your love and commitment, but it is also about the experience. You will share this moment for the rest of your lives together, sharing the story with your children and grandchildren! Make it one to remember. When it comes to the ring, think about what they would like but also what you would like for them as it is a gift from you to them, symbolising your feelings.

6. Plan what to say

Just like we said above, it is all about the experience. In the moment, through the nerves and adrenalin, you may forget what you want to express to your partner, so make sure to plan it before hand, you could even write it down! As long as it comes from the heart and says what you want to say, it will mean the world to your partner.

7. Announcement!


After you are engaged, your partner is going to be in such hysteria, emotions will be running high, along with a burst of adrenaline! They are going to want to shout it from the rooftops that they are engaged, but may be in such a daze that they don’t know who to tell first or how! Have something planned or some ideas of how you can announce your engagement to your friends and family to share with them once the proposal has sunk in! You can get some ideas from us here!

8. Plan the rest of your day

This is a monumental life experience for the both of you. Make the most of this day, one you will both remember for the rest of your lives! Plan something for you both to do after the proposal to celebrate! Perhaps you proposed on a day trip to London or another location, you could book dinner and an overnight stay at a luxury hotel, or perhaps you opted for an at home proposal and have ordered a champagne hamper ready for an evening of celebration!

Putting thought into not just the ring, but the full experience will mean so much to your partner. Enjoy this engagement ‘honeymoon’ phase before the planning kicks in. If you need some assistance with your proposal, then get in touch! We are completely unbiased as an outsider and can help to plan your proposal in secret, you most definitely can trust us to keep silent!

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