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Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for joining us! What are we writing about today?

We have recently rebranded our business and really just wanted the opportunity to chat about who we are, what we do, and how we can turn your planning into an easy and enjoyable experience, as that is what it should be!

Our Moto

Our moto is that your Wedding day experience isn’t just about from the moment you walk down the aisle, it’s from the minute you get engaged. When you first start dreaming about your Wedding day, hunting for venues, choosing suppliers- this is ALL part of the experience, every moment of planning from choosing your invites to trying to sort the table plan! (nightmare!)

We Care!

Why us? Why listen to us? Not only do we have 10 years experience in the Wedding industry, helping couples to plan their perfect day, but we CARE. We pride ourselves on being so passionate about Weddings, we love LOVE! And always have. As a child and a teenager, I wore my heart of my sleeve, and this has continued into my adult life, when, to no surprise from my family and friends, at the age of 20, after a short period as an entertainer (I still do sing!) I decided to go to uni, study for a degree in Events Management, then become a Wedding planner!


My first position after uni – I say after uni, it was actually 4 months before the end, where I worked full time alongside finishing my degree – was as a planners assistant, which I absolutely loved and was a position I thrived in! It was a super busy company, 170 Weddings a year to be precise (!!) and within six months, I became a full planner, with the guidance of the rest of the extremely talented team.

I spent the next few years doing everything I could to better myself and to learn. I managed and planned Wedding after Wedding, spending my Saturday nights, Sundays, early mornings, late nights, in my early 20s planning, planning and more planning! This gave me the experience I needed, experience of what to do to be there for my couples, experience of what would make them feel amazing on their Wedding day, experience of how they could make the most out of their day, experience of amazing suppliers and shoddy suppliers, and also, unfortunately, experience of what could go wrong. Yes, it is inevitable, things will go wrong, but I am so glad I have had that experience so I know how to handle these situations now.


Since then, I have worked in various locations in the UK. I am originally from Norfolk and met my partner back in 2013 who was from Bedfordshire (2 hours away). He then announced after 2 months that he was moving to Birmingham for work (3 and a half hours!!) so asked if I wanted to go….I felt like I needed a change and wanted to spread my wings in the events world, so I went! It was the best thing I ever did and has helped my career massively. I had the pleasure of working with some truly remarkable couples and some amazing corporate businesses such as National Grid, Aston Martin, Jaguar Landrover and Claires (to name a few!). Everybody thought I was crazy, chasing a man half way across the UK, but this is what I am saying, I wear my heart on my sleeve and I do things I feel are right! We have just celebrated 7 years together!

My partner is my constant support, and gave me the boost I needed to start the business back in 2018 which I named Complete Rose Events. Sitting here now in 2020, with a newly branded business – Hannah Rose Weddings & Events, I have learnt so much and have managed to survive Covid after quitting my job to go full time in January!

Why Start?

It has been a dream of mine for years to have my own business, with my own brand and my own values and I am passionate about the business being successful in doing what we do best – helping couples to achieve their perfect day, with minimal stress for them.

So in answer to the question in the title of this blog, it’s simple…we will be working together for say 1-2 years, it is vital that we get along, have a great relationship and can work together! If you like what you have read, you agree with our moto, you like our experience and personality, and think you want to hear more, then you can book a video call here and you may just learn that we are definitely the planners for you!

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