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I’ve spoken regularly over the last year about how to celebrate your would have been wedding day, with the Covid 19 pandemic causing problems for couples around the world. With the rules caused by coronavirus regularly changing, I thought I would give you an update for all those spring and early summer 2021 weddings who have had to postpone.

Having to postpone your wedding day is a really hard thing to do, it’s stressful and causing so many couples upset and anxiety, especially when the day you would have been getting married on comes around.

So we say, celebrate it! Put all the stress to one side for one day, and make new memories together! What can you do right now, as of 12th of April to celebrate? We have 8 great ways for you!

1. A Relaxing Couples, Post Covid, Spa Day

would have been wedding day ideas

With the spa’s opening back up again, take the opportunity on your would have been wedding day to chill out together. You could even turn it into a mini break and stay over at somewhere such as one of the Champneys properties ( Spa breaks ( also offers many different options across the UK. The pandemic has aged us all with the stress over the last year, so some rest and relaxation is definitely needed right now! Incorporate this into your day as I’m sure the stress of postponing your day needs to be melted away, and doing this together will just bring you even closer!

2. Book Into Your Favourite Restaurant

would have been wedding day ideas

We have all had the luxury during Covid and lockdowns of our local favourite restaurants offering take outs and deliveries but there is nothing quite like actually getting dressed up and going to a restaurant! As of today (12th April) you can dine outside, so a lunch option is probably best, then from 17th May (fingers crossed!) we will be able to dine inside. So many restaurants are offering great outdoor options to get customers back in to eat, such as The Savoy who are offering a new experience, Solas – their new al fresco dining experience from 21st April ( Make sure to check out what your favourite restaurants are offering, maybe your other half proposed in a restaurant and you want to take a trip down memory lane and revisit? Or maybe you had your first date over a 3 course meal? For the foodies amongst us, this is a great option to celebrate!

3. Gatherings Of 6 In Your Garden To Celebrate

If you want to involve others, whether it be your maid of honour and your best man or both sets of parents, gatherings of 6 are now allowed outside. I’m sure many of you, just as I have, have already experienced a few fire pit gatherings with blankets and scarves! With the great ole British weather, just be prepared for the weather. Hire or purchase a gazebo, set up your firepit and get the mulled wine or cider in the slow cooker! You may be lucky and plan it on a beautiful sunny day! There are so many options that you can do within your gathering, why not hire afternoon tea from a local restaurant or fire up the BBQ! You can even purchase cocktails from a local bar company such as The Occasion Bar ( Celebrate your wedding day from the comfort of your home with friends or family.

4. Hire A Virtual Celebrant For A Zoom Special

Just because your wedding day has been postponed, doesn’t mean you can’t say your vows to each other! Many celebrants across the UK are offering services via our favourite video calling sites such as Zoom and Skype. Why not send out a e-vite to all of your friends and family to attend a virtual service from the comfort of your own home or garden, or you could even meet a celebrant locally or in the grounds of your venue to perform the ceremony. This isn’t legal, you won’t be married, but it will be nice to say your vows or a few words to each other to make the day that little bit more special for you both and for your guests!

5. Book A Couples Activity

Celebrate the day with an activity together, whether it be something you have done before, something you do regularly and enjoy together or something completely new! Whether you are looking for something more outdoors such as a hot air balloon ride together from Virgin Balloon Flights ( or a more sophisticated day out such as an afternoon tea at The Shard ( it will mark the day when you have something booked to look forward to. You could even book a dance class together and learn a 1st dance routine! You are then incorporating plans for your new wedding date into your would have been wedding day.

6. Book A UK Getaway Together

would have been wedding day ideas

Whether it be at your wedding venue, a location you love to visit together or somewhere brand new, book a romantic getaway together. Boutique retreats ( offers some fantastic weekends away, and is easy to use to find the perfect location and accommodation. Leave the laptops, phones etc at home and just focus on spending time together and putting the stress of Covid and the pandemic behind you. Get yourselves excited to be getting married again and celebrate your love for each other, and the fact you’ve made it through such a difficult year together! You could even book some activities throughout the weekend, or just plan to do nothing and having some chill time! Just make sure that the getaway is across your would have been wedding day date.

7. Have An At Home Celebration Together

We spoke about at home gatherings in the garden, but there are so many other things you can do together at home if you aren’t quite ready to be going out to restaurants etc to celebrate. You could dress up and cook your favourite meal together or for your partner. Why not pull out the photo albums and reminisce about your favourite holidays together. You could just have a good ole film and takeaway night together, but make it a bit different so it doesn’t just feel like a normal Saturday night. Hire in from a restaurant you would normally only go to for a treat, or you could flood the lounge with candles. Why not add in the champagne or wine from your actual wedding day to your takeaway, or ask your catering company if they would prep the meal for you. Put the phones in the draw for one night and enjoy a romantic evening together! You could even dance your first dance together at around 9pm (the time you would usually do this) in your lounge.

8. Have A Couples Wedding Planning Day

And we don’t mean any of the stressful bits, we mean the fun bits! Plan in your cake and your menu tasting on your would have been wedding date. If you should have been date falls when you can’t actually visit your cake maker or caterer, ask if they can deliver something to your home for you. Decide on your first dance together, plan your playlist for the DJ with the help of Alexa and the kitchen floor as a dancefloor, buy the different wines your caterer or venue and offering and make a decision on your wine and play around with some ideas of shots you would like to get together – your photographer may even be available for a park engagement photoshoot!

Whatever you plan to do on your would have been wedding day, just make sure to celebrate it. Keep it positive, keep it fun and forget the stresses of the pandemic. It’s all about spending time together and making new memories. So many couples have asked me if it is silly to celebrate this date as they have now postponed and have a new wedding date – of course not! It is still a key date in your lives, and who needs an excuse to celebrate right now hey?!

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